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May 30, 2013:
News Reports indicate that sales of 2 piece swimwear for larger women have gone through the roof.


Is there a shortage of good swimwear for larger women?

While the bikini known popularly known as a "fatkini" has in fact sold out in record time, and more are on the way, this does not mean that women over size 12 have no options for swimwear. In fact, retailers like Lane Bryant have been selling such beach clothing for quite some time, and offer a variety of sizes for tops and bottoms.

Where to Get Fatkini Swimwear Online

New body image acceptance movement takes over beaches

Reports of a plus-sized swimwear shortage may be overblown, although certain styles are definitely in short supply. Actually, this may be a good thing, especially for women, since you don't want to be wearing the same style as every other girl on the beach.

There are a lot of online stores and mall shops where the "fatkini" style can be found for sale. Despite the popular myth that there isn't enough swimwear for the Rubenesque, clothing manufacturers have a nose for money and go out of their way to create high-end fashions for people in all size groups. Considering that over 30% of Americans may be considered "overweight" this is a sizable enough market for exploitation, so you can certainly buy plus-sized swimwear just about anywhere, with the obvious exception of that one place in the mall that everyone has been protesting recently but we can't name because we don't want to get sued. It has an ampersand in its name, and honestly you probably wouldn't want their preppy styles anyway.

The main considerations for getting the best size bikini is to understand your measurements and wear appropriate underwear when trying on different sizes. (Seriously, you should do this anyway just in case anyone tries on this stuff "au naturel" before you do, and you should always wash clothing before you wear it.) The advantage of buying in a store instead of purchasing fatkinis online is that you are sure it will fit, because even a store with free shipping and a great return policy will represent a delay in making an exchange. Therefore, even if you can't get the "Gabi Gregg Fatkini" you should at least have options.

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Special note: See you out there on the beach!